Apari Reasearch & Analysis in India: Talk to the Expert event in Delhi

Apari Reasearch & Analysis in India: Talk to the Expert event in Delhi

Alpari Research & Analysis is not slowing down. May was another month, when one of our experts had a chance to share his knowledge with the fellow traders. This time, we visited India, where Tomasz Wisniewski, our Chief Analyst, had a great pleasure to attend the seminar titled: ‘Talk to Experts’ organized by the local Alpari office. It was the second time that Tomasz was visiting India. First time, he was in Mumbai in February and now it was the time to visit New Delhi. Second seminar was special as it was done on Thursday when the market was open, so to give participants the opportunity to take part in the live trading process. Usually, seminars are done during the weekends but that is just another step that we make to give You the best education possible.

Seminar started as always. Tomasz had to show his statement and myfxbook stats to assure traders that all his results are real and the trading method that he uses works and is worth learning. Everything on our seminars is transparent, no lying, no selling, only learning. Tomasz explained that when looking at the pure stats, the most important thing is the average win and loss and the drawdown, not the number of winning trades. From this, he smoothly moved to the trading psychology part of investing to make good foundations for the further lecture.

After explaining that the traders mind is the key, participants were ready for the second part: learning the trading strategy. As you know, this one is pretty simple and with right attitude everybody can learn that! Tomasz showed his four checkpoint of success, which significantly increase the chance for a profitable trade. After that, he showed that on his real trades , both losers and winners. The last part of the seminar was a test for the traders. They saw a setup and had to estimate the future direction of the price movement. 98% of the time, attendees were right! You have to admit that this was well spent time!

The session did not finish there. We still had a long Q&A session. We always want to make everything as clear as possible! All questions had to be answered to leave absolutely no doubts. Tomasz was very happy with the seminar (as always) and he concluded this event in a following way:

At first, I would like to thank the local office for the invitation. Inviting a professional trader to share his knowledge, shows that they are really committed and they do care about their clients. Great job! Another thing is that I am extremely pleased with the reception and the warm welcome in this beautiful country. What is more, from what I saw there, I am sure that many of those traders will soon make constant profits on the market. Some work still has to be done but we are definitely on the right path





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