A standing ovation for our CEO in Tehran

A standing ovation for our CEO in Tehran

As part of Alpari Research & Analysis participation to the FINEX 2018 in Teheran, our CEO Roberto d’Ambrosio was asked to participate in a round table organized by Egthesad Bidar, one of the most prominent brokers in Iran, in which Roberto should have shared the stage with the top four Iranian traders, to discuss about trading strategies, trading platforms and automated trading.

But a surprise was awaiting Roberto upon arrival at the roundtable venue: the organizers proposed to change the format of the event, from a peer discussion to a Q&A session, in which the Iranian traders and attendees would question Roberto on all topics of interest, related to finance, economy, investment, trading.. a challenging situation for anyone.

Well, Roberto took the challenge, and an unscripted Q&A took place, attended by more than 250 investors and traders. Right after an opening statement by Eghtasad Bidar officials, the questions started flowing in from the Iranian traders, which focused on trading strategies, challenging Roberto to expose his own approach to trading and all related matters, with particular focus on money management, with Roberto sharing is professional view as a seasoned trader and certified risk management professional.

The discussion than shifted to the challenges posed by the Psychology related to trading, which is one of Robert’s favourite topics, on which he conducted lot of research. He went beyond the usual approach to such an important topic, unveiling the hidden threats that affect traders which are linked to the way human brain actually works. The number of heads nodding and some smiling, blushing faces of people realizing their unconscious mistakes revealed how spot-on Roberto’s statements were.

Even though some of the topics were rather technical and notwithstanding the need for translation from English to Farsi, Roberto succeeded to effectively explain the concepts he was delivering, leveraging on his experience as a communicator and mentor

The event moved on with Robert being questioned on a number of topics, ranging from fintech, to his views regarding the local and international stock market, to new trading technologies, to cryptocurrencies and blockchain, with Roberto sharing his views without filters or false diplomacy, knowing that some of those views may be disappointing, especially to those trying to convince themselves that a straight riskless path to financial success is possible. But he always explained the reasons of his stances, ready to be challenged without any preconceived thesis, giving all the information needed for each attendee to evaluate the discussed topics and form their own opinions.

On cryptocurrencies and the way to assess their present and future value, the discussion ramped up, with some of the attendees showing a lot of knowledge and expertise in the field. Views were at time diverging, but as usual Roberto did not try to impose his view, rather engaging in a sort of peer-to-peer discussion in which all the debaters had the chance to interact and make their point.

More than 1.5 hours the questions kept flowing, showing the enormous interest by Iranian investors and traders to know and understand more about the approach of professional investors and traders, notwithstanding some of them possess an impressive academic background, including some PHDs which Roberto met before the event and that were present to it, to which Roberto pointed at several time during the Q&A, jokingly asking for their approval on what he was saying. He is indeed a master in keeping the audience engaged and a natural-born speaker, probably thanks to his Mediterranean heritage.

Since he had to attend other meetings the event, which was originally scheduled to last 50 minutes, came to an end and the CEO of Aghtesad Bidar Reza Ejazi come to the stage to deliver a closing statement.

The moment he finished, was when the whole audience stood up, attributing a long, heartfelt stand up round of applause to Roberto. A great moment really.

Roberto, visibly happy and moved by such tribute, expresses his regret that there wasn’t more time to continue with the discussion and how delighted he was to come to Iran.

He said that the Persian people represent one of the most ancient civilization and among the best the world was able to express, and that explains a lot about the wonderful attitude of Iranians.

Truth is that I should be the one to stand up and tribute a big round of applause to Persian people” said Roberto asked for a comment. “Ever since I arrived in Tehran, I have been overwhelmed by their acts of kindness. Such polite and caring people, showing their true care even in an unfortunate situation that forced me to cut my visit short.

I have to give special thanks to Ali Mortazavi, which made and incredible job to pull all the activities of a very dense schedule together, and to our hosts at Eghtesad Bidar: Reza Ejazi, the CEO, which I really thank for his kind words, and the Director of International Business Sam Nik Khah, which helped me to carry on the event, translating my words into Farsi. And I know that is not an easy task for anyone, given that I tend to talk a lot!

I had a great time in Tehran, and I wish I will be able to come back to continue the conversation with the Iranian fellow traders and possibly have the chance to know more about the Persian culture”.


Photos from the event