Our Dream Team is back! Roberto and Tomasz holding a two days seminar in Kuala Lumpur

Our Dream Team is back! Roberto and Tomasz holding a two days seminar in Kuala Lumpur

Our seminars are always following the same values of competence, transparency and fairness in delivering the training that traders need to really be successful over time, regardless if it is Roberto or Tomasz delivering the training.

But, when our CEO and our Chief Analyst are together, the level of engagement reaches the highest possible level. The two professionals have the same view on what it takes to be a real trader, a profitable one, even if they have different approaches.

Actually, the secret is that they complement each other perfectly, and those who attend their seminars really get the widest view possible on everything relates to trading: Roberto with is pure technical analysis and techniques involving indicators and a deep focus on money management and trading psychology and Tomasz with is price action approach and his “sniper” attitude to trading the effectiveness of which is evident when he shows his live results.

That is the king of education all investors should have the chance to attend, delivered by experienced traders, actually trading the markets with the techniques they expose.

The first seminar, introduced by Maven Foo, the local director which sponsored the event, focused on the basic of trading activity.

Roberto introduced them to basics of Forex market and on how it works, and then introduced the attendees to the process to become a profitable trader. After a short break, Tomasz took over explaining the characteristics of the Metatrader 4 platform and the moved on to basic trading strategies and money management techniques.

The second day the seminar went more technical, in an ideal continuation of the first one.

Roberto started by getting into advanced trading psychology topics, introducing the attendees to the hidden aspects of the psychological mechanism that can derail trading activity without the trader being aware of what is really affecting his performance.

The seminar continued after the break with Tomasz talking about money management and risk control and then moving on price action techniques, which our two traders consider the most effective way to trade.

To complete the program, Roberto took over again to explain the use of indicators to support price action analysis and to show an effective trading strategy based on Bollinger bands.

The level of engagement of the attendees is evident from the pics taken during the event. Roberto and Tomasz were able to transfer their knowledge on topics that at times are quite complex, but creating a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere that put the attendees in comfort to actively participate, fearing not to ask question and to share their own experience, no matter if it was

We can say that undoubtedly this was a one of a kind seminar in Kuala Lumpur, definitely raising the bar on what an educational should be and entail.

The presence of our two top professional did not go unnoticed and both Roberto and Tomas were invited to speak with local mainstream media, and a press meeting was also held during which Roberto presented the unique model of Alpari Research & Analysis and the results it has achieved since its inception.

Then the discussion quickly moved to economic and financial topics, with a particular focus on the local market’s trends.

Our team has been analysing Malaysia for quite a while, with Tomasz being engaged in a three months mission in Kuala Lumpur, in other to gather unique insights on the economy we deem one of the most promising and resilient of the area.

The meeting was indeed a success and our experts have been asked to have an ongoing collaboration with local media, in order to share their unique and courageous views on the evolution of the international and local economy and financial markets