Our Chief Analyst in Manila

Our Chief Analyst in Manila

In the last two weeks of April, Tomasz was in Manila, Philippines and he went there to attend the Traders Fair, where he was one of the speakers. Tomasz chose to talk about the Naked Trading – in other words, price action strategy, where traders forget about the indicators and focus on pure, clean price movements.

Tomasz arrived to Manila two days before the fair, in order to attend the interview with the ANC TV. It was the fourth time, when Alpari Research and Analysis was featured in this TV station. We are proud to announce that every time, the predictions about the Peso (PHP), that we give there, are spot on. That is one of the reasons that we are a regular contributor to this business station. Tomasz was interviewed on the Philippine Stock Exchange, where he updated his view on the PHP. Surprisingly, this time, we were more optimistic about the future of the Philippine currency.

On Saturday, Tomasz had a pleasure to attend the Traders Fair. The participation of the Naked Trading seminar went beyond the expectations. We are very sorry that we could not provide the seats for all the attendees. It is quite common for our lectures. We are sorry for stealing the show, NOT! Tomasz had only 40 minutes so he got straight to the business. He showed his strategy, his statement and his previous entries. In 40mins, traders received his full winning trading approach! Definitely nobody wasted the time there.

It was not the end. During all fair, our Chief Analyst was available on the booth and was talking with all our clients answering further questions. What a great event for the local traders!

Alpari Research an Analysis always wants to do more and more. After the fair, on Wednesday, Tomasz had a live interviews with Bloomberg TV. Our Chief Analyst had a very enjoyable talk with JP about the Peso, PSEi, Gold , Oil and the American Dollar. We explained why the 3% on US 10Y do not really matter and we gave our view about the future of the interest rates in the Philippines.

Tomasz really enjoyed his another stay in Manila and he summarized his trip this way: “Being a part of ARA is a great responsibility. We have to provide the highest level of education and we need to help the investors and traders worldwide in their journey on the Forex Market. That was just another step to do this, hopefully a crucial one”