Alpari Research & Analysis in Latin America

Alpari Research & Analysis in Latin America

Our CEO Roberto d’Ambrosio was invited by Anastasia Fiyalko, the Director of Business development of Alpari for Latin America, to participate in a series of workshop that were held in Chile, Colombia and Mexico.

The events were held in Santiago de Chile on the 30th of November, at the Hotel Ritz-Carlton Santiago, on the 5th of December in Bogota, at the Hotel W and on the 7th of December at the Sheraton Mexico City Maria Isabel Hotel.

Roberto was really keen to participate in these workshops and presented the events in a video that went viral:

In all three locations participation went well beyond expectation, forcing the organizers to rearrange the venues to accommodate the attendees, and we really would like to thank all of them for the interest showed in these events.

During the three events, after an introduction by Anastasia, which presented Alpari Group, its activities and programs for Latin America, Roberto started leading the audience though a journey that brought the attendees towards a gradual awareness of what really makes the difference between engaging investment and trading in an ineffective way and being successful in managing with confidence the most important aspect of those activities.

Roberto gradually introduced the traders to the psychological aspect related to engaging the financial markets, starting from the more obvious ones, to the less evident and then to the hidden ones, the awareness of which can really bring the trading and investment activities to another level, leading to success. Roberto showed the implications of those biases and even those among the audience that had relevant experience in trading realized the mistakes that are linked to those hidden threats. He then showed how to control the trading activity and the cognitive biases connected to it, introducing the audience to the fundamentals of Money Management, risk management and proper position sizing, revealing the details of the trading activity carried on by professionals.

As usual, in all three events Roberto’s lecture rapidly became a debate, as the attendees welcomed the exhortation he did at the beginning of the workshop to take advantage of the opportunity and actively participate as much as possible with all doubts, questions and contributions they might have.

Before starting the second part of the events with Jose Giraz, the executive manager of Alpari Chile and experienced trader, the events then continued after a networking break, during which traders approached Roberto and Jose to elaborate on the topics of the first part and on other issues they strived to discuss with our experienced professionals.

Jose started to then introduce the audience towards the basics of trading with the MT4 platform and to effective trading strategies which he developed in his trading activity.

As usual with Roberto, he could not stand aside and started engaging with Jose and the traders, bringing his contribution of seasoned trader and expertise in both discretional and algorithmic trading. The exchange was full of insights, raising the level of engagement of the traders, some of which really had a remarkable background and knowledge. Roberto e Jose interacted with the audience in a tight dialogue, explaining the trading techniques and spotting live trading opportunities so to apply in real time the techniques they were illustrating.

All three events were a pleasant surprise in terms of participation and the will to learn and understand the details of trading really shined, with traders demanding more training and education, thus demonstrating a remarkable attitude to focus on what really matters when it comes to trading. During the lectures and the network breaks many topics where debated, including the most relevant to the local traders, such as commodity trading and forecasts, and the most actual ones like Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and Blockchain.

Following the philosophy of Alpari Research & Analysis, both Roberto and Jose did not refrain from openly sharing their views and insights, getting to the core of the topics with the usual unbiased manner.

Roberto, which spent a part of his life in Latin America was delighted: “I am back to Latin America after many years but the people I met have just the same welcoming attitude I remembered. Despite my Spanish which is far from perfect, local traders followed me with great interest and I was so happy that they actively engaged during the event, showing their interest and appreciation of the contents we were delivering. I really look forward to come back to Latin America as soon as possible. Quality training and education is one of the most recurrent request I received and I hope I will have the chance to give my contribution to fulfill these needs and work again closely with Anastasia, Jose and all the Apari LATAM team”.

We as Alpari Research & Analysis are looking forward to be back in Latin America after this first tour, so… Stay tuned!