Alpari Research & Analysis in Latam for a second tour

Alpari Research & Analysis in Latam for a second tour

Following the success of the first tour held in December 2017, ARA is back in Latam with its CEO Roberto d’Ambrosio for a series of interviews and seminars held in Chile, Colombia and Brazil.

The Tour started on the 8th of March with a series of interviews in Santiago de Chile with mainstream media such as CNN Chile and Pulso which asked Roberto to share his view on the hottest topics impacting the world economy and global financial markets, focusing also on the trends of the Chilean economy and the development of the local business environment.

On th2 12th of March Roberto, together with our local analyst Cesar Valencia and the Director of the Alpari office in Santiago Jose Giraz, gave a seminar which was an ideal continuation of the first one held in December.

After the introduction by Jose and the first part held by Cesar, which introduced the audience to the FX market, to the MT4 platform and to the basic concepts regarding fundamental and technical analysis, Roberto took over with an engaging session of trading and money management techniques, which were the applied in a live trading session.

The tour continued with seminars in Bogota’ and in Sao Paulo do Brasil.

In both cities the seminars focused on the psychological aspects of trading the financial markets, with Roberto getting deep into the evident, less evident and hidden aspects of the matter and sharing the experience he has gained during his career as a trader and hedge fund advisor.

We can say, without the shade of a doubt that the direct, open and transparent approach of Roberto was, once again, very much appreciated by the attendees and the seminars lasted way longer than the forecasted time.

The participation exceeded by far the expectations, putting some stress on the organization of the event and the venues in which the seminars were held. Something to take under consideration in organizing our next seminars.

Asked for a comment, Roberto said: “I was delighted to come back to Latin America and have the chance to meet again in person with Anastasia (Fiyalko, the director of Latam business development in Alpari), Jose and our analyst Cesar. Again, I am really grateful for the incredible participation to our seminars, which brought some issues to accommodate all the attendees, but.. you know what? I am definitely happy to have such issues!”

Asked to comment on the Brasilian leg of the tour, he continued: “It was also my first time in Brazil and my first attempt to conduct the introduction to the seminar in Portuguese.

Renan (Raminelli, ARA analyst in Brazil) was great in conducting the first part of the seminar and a special thanks goes to Mariana Lastra, Account Manager in Alpari Latam, which has been my “anjo da guarda”, my guardian angel supporting me to make sure that the attendees could understand everything was said and.. actually save them from my terrible Portuguese!!

I really look forward to come back and continue this series of seminar. The people here are so passionate about the topics I try to deliver and I’ll continue to do my best to share my view and experience, helping them to enhance their understanding of every aspect involved in trading and to ease their learning curve. Muchas Gracias, Muito Obrigado.”

We as ARA are looking forward to be back soon in Latin America and, we promise, we will be more careful in organizing the events to accommodate everyone who will attend.

Thank you all for your overwhelming enthusiasm!