Alpari Research & Analysis in Iran. Roberto d’Ambrosio met with the decision makers and delivered interviews with mainstream media

Alpari Research & Analysis in Iran. Roberto d’Ambrosio met with the decision makers and delivered interviews with mainstream media

As part of his visit to Iran, our CEO Roberto d’Ambrosio was invited to attend a series of meetings with the main financial institutions in Iran.

Roberto, among many other meetings, met also with the CEO’s of Teheran Stock Exchange and the Iranian Mercantile Exchange, discussing with them the actual set up of the organizations and their future projects.

The discussion with the executives of the Stock Exchange, the CEO Hasan Ghalibaf and the Head of the international division Amir Yousofian, revolved around the technical part of the operations, with Roberto being asked his view on the possibility to implement new financial instruments within the existing framework and technical setup and the possibility to enhance the existing platform. Russia is very well known for its excellence in the tech field and being ARA part of a prominent Russian Group such as Alpari, the local executives were keen to know Roberto’s view on possible collaborations on this field.

The meeting with the CEO of Iran Mercantile Exchange Mohammad Soltani Nejad, and his foreign affairs advisor Hossein Mohammadi focused on the commodities market and its organization within the country. Here again the need to implement new solutions was discussed, with the local executives asking Roberto about his views on the matter and the necessary step to implement a reliable, liquid derivative market.

Many other meetings were held both at the Finex 2018 and at the Gala Dinner, some of those being directly interested in the educational services Alpari Research & Analysis offers to investor all around the world. Very good contacts have been established and surely these opportunities will be further evaluated at board level.

Other meetings were held with the top executives of the most important private financial institutions in Iran. Just to mention a few, Roberto met with the CEO of Tamadon Investment Bank Mohammad Khajenasiri,the CEOs of Eghtasad Bidar and Agah brokerage, two of the most prominent brokerage houses in Iran, Reza Ejazi and Mahdi Goudarzi respectively, and the CEO of Asa Sarmaye, trading educational company. He also met the CEO of the Civil Servants Pension Organization, Mr. Javad Eshghi Nejad. He met also with the Head of Strategy and International relation of Fara Bourse, Mahsa Tavakoli. Roberto remarked that all meetings were very interesting and he gained a lot of knowledge on the Iranian economic setup and legal framework and that the links an ties were established to possible further developments.

Roberto’s visit was also the occasion for Iranian media to interview him on a broad number of topics.

There was of course a lot of curiosity about Roberto’s opinion of the Iranian economy and its capital markets, how does he valuate the current situation, and which are his views about the ways to enhance the participation of foreign investors to the Iranian economy.

Another hot topic was the situation of the commodity market, that of Oil in particular, and its relationship with the Iranian economy growth, with Roberto giving his view on the current price trends and remarking the need for Iran to diversify as much as possible its economy, in order to decorrelate its growth and the course if the stock index from Oil prices.

Roberto was also interviewed by Finex TV and asked about his view on the country and the expo.  Here is how the “nice guy” answered (we at ARA are making fun of him about this):

This was indeed a very tight schedule for Roberto, which was also engaged in a series of educational events, but for sure the connection been established during this visit are extremely valuable and wil be pursued further.

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