07 January 2018

Alpari Research & Analysis in Latin America

Our CEO Roberto d’Ambrosio was invited by Anastasia Fiyalko, the Director of Business development of Alpari for Latin America, to participate in a series of workshop that were held in Chile, Colombia and Mexico.

The events were held in Santiago de Chile on the 30th of November, at the Hotel Ritz-Carlton Santiago, on the 5th of December in Bogota, at the Hotel W and on the 7th of December at the Sheraton Mexico City Maria Isabel Hotel.

15 November 2017

Alpari Research & Analysis in Brazil.. a new, wonderful experience

On October 19, 2017, the Alpari Research & Analysis team organized its first "Trade Negotiate" Workshop in Brazil. The workshop was held in the conference room of the Maksoud Plaza hotel in São Paulo.
In this conference, information on the financial market was presented, analysing the main characteristics of the foreign exchange market, as well as market analysis and types of investments. The main objective of the conference was to provide participants with a more in-depth knowledge of the internal functioning of financial markets, but also practical knowledge that investors can use to manage capital and diversify risk.

14 November 2017

Alpari Research & Analysis in the Philippines and Malaysia

Alpari Research & Analysis was invited by local Alpari Offices to participate in educational seminars in the Philippines and in Malaysia.
The adopted formula was that of an intensive two days' event, in which our Chief Analyst Tomasz Wisniewski leaded the audience in a gradual and complete learning experience, starting from the very basic concepts about markets, its structure, its participants.
The educational journey moved onto tackling the characteristics and usage the trading platform proposed by Alpari, to move to the core of the learning experience: trading and money management techniques, starting from the basic on day one of the seminar to reach the most advanced one during day two.

03 October 2017


Our first Seminar in Brazil.

On October 19th Alpari Research & Analysis will be in Sao Paolo, at Maksoud Plaza for its first ever Workshop in Brazil.

This is an important milestone for our Company, and the enthusiasm within the team is really high. We strongly believe that Alpari R&A’s philosophy of delivering an unbiased, independent, transparent market research and education is very much what developing traders’ and investors’ communities like Brazil really need.

17 July 2017

Entrevista a Roberto D´Ambrosio – CEO de Alpari Research & Analysis

Entrevista a Roberto D´Ambrosio - CEO de Alpari Research & Analysis

1. ¿Quién es Roberto D'Ambrosio y que trayectoria posees en los Mercados Financieros?
Soy diplomado en Servicios Financieros y licensiado en los servicios legales por la empresa. Soy un experto en gestión de riesgos de servicios financieros, con Diploma en Gestión de Riesgos en Servicios Financieros (MITC) y Rimap (FERMA). También soy un EMBA candidate en la Henley Business School - Universidad de Reading.
Tengo más de 15 años de experiencia en Servicios Financieros comenzando como un proprietary trader. Soy asesor de hedge fund y un especialista en trading algorítmico y, antes de ocupar posiciones de alto directivo en las empresas de Forex, sirvì como asesor institucional para los hedge funds y fondos mutuos. Con Alpari desde 2015.

30 June 2017

Our CEO Roberto d’Ambrosio visit to Shanghai – June 2017

Alpari China participated to the Brokers Show in Shanghai on the 24th of June and invited our CEO to join in the event as FX110, as well as other media in Shanghai among the most influential in the market, expressed the desire to interview him on industry trends and market views.

28 June 2017

Nigeria welcomes ARA in Kano and Lagos for the Pro Traders Workshops

For the second round of seminars organized by Alpari Nigeria, our Chief Executive Officer, Roberto d’Ambrosio, and Chief Analyst, Tomasz Wisniewski, where invited to hold the “Pro Forex Trader Workshop” in Kano on the 20th of May and in Lagos on the 27th.

14 May 2017

Alpari R&A events in Nigeria – May 2017 – introductiory video

After the great success of the seminars held in Nigeria in October and Novemeber last year (full report is here), Alpari Reserach & Analysis CEO, Roberto d'Ambrosio, and Chief Analyst, Tomasz Wisniewski, have been invited for a second round of workshop in Nigeria.

09 April 2017

Our CEO’s second tour in China

After the Asian Trading Summit, our CEO Roberto d’Ambrosio was asked to participate in a series of interviews with the most prominent market media in China.

The topics discussed were related to the topics on which all market participants focused during the Summit: the characteristics that a reliable broker must have in order to give the highest confidence possible to the Chinese traders, to assure them that they are operating in a safe and controlled environment.