14 May 2017

Alpari R&A events in Nigeria – May 2017 – introductiory video

After the great success of the seminars held in Nigeria in October and Novemeber last year (full report is here), Alpari Reserach & Analysis CEO, Roberto d'Ambrosio, and Chief Analyst, Tomasz Wisniewski, have been invited for a second round of workshop in Nigeria.

09 April 2017

Our CEO’s second tour in China

After the Asian Trading Summit, our CEO Roberto d’Ambrosio was asked to participate in a series of interviews with the most prominent market media in China.

The topics discussed were related to the topics on which all market participants focused during the Summit: the characteristics that a reliable broker must have in order to give the highest confidence possible to the Chinese traders, to assure them that they are operating in a safe and controlled environment.

07 April 2017

Our CEO at the Trading Summit 2017 in Shanghai

As announced, our CEO took part at a round table held at the Asia Trading Summit on the 30th of March 2016. The round table was participated by high profile international and local professionals that, together with our CEO, analysed different important topics to the Chinese investors community.

The discussion started from the current positioning of in international brokers in China and what it can be learnt from the best practice of the main players. The discussion shifted on topics related to safety of the traders’ assets and the necessity of a fair and transparent behaviour from the brokers. Roberto also pointed out to the importance of technological excellence in providing trading services to investors, in which Alpari excels.

03 April 2017

Alpari Research & Analysis in Manila: Yet another success

For the first time in the Philippines, Alpari ‘s Manila office organized a seminar for the local traders and investors, which was radically different from what was being held in the country so far.

Alpari chose not to have the usual sales pitch, but to invite Alpari Research & Analysis top professionals to deliver a one of a kind seminar, held on Saturday 25th March , during which traders and investors have been introduced to the trading techniques and mental attitude of real, professional traders.

20 March 2017


Alpari Research & Analysis in the Philippines.

Alpari Group, leader in trading technology since 1998, provides access to these markets through its cutting-hedge trading technology and award winning customer care. Its main focus is on the quality of the trading experience it offers to its traders, so to provide them with all the tools they need to trade successfully.
And the best tool of all is education. That is why Alpari Research & Analysis Ltd (UK), Alpari Group company dedicated to financial market analysis, has been requested to hold a seminar in Manila.

10 January 2017

Alpari Research & Analysis CEO in China

Alpari Group, and Alpari R&A as a part of it, are very much focused on China, and it do not come as a surprise that many efforts have been done and further planned to develop Alpari's presence in China.
As a part of the above process, Roberto d'Ambrosio, CEO of Alpari Research & Analysis, visited China at the beginning of December 2016, to have direct insights from the local environment and share his plans for the area with local Media and press.

05 December 2016


Alpari Research & Analysis in China

As part of its expansion plans, Alpari Research & Analysis is very interested in putting a foot in China, following its model of having a direct presence in all major financial areas and have its own structure of analysts researching the most interesting market topics right from the area they are linked with.

16 November 2016

Forex Master Class in Nigeria

Trying to describe and sum up all the energy, the enthusiasm, the great atmosphere of this event in Nigeria in a single report will not be an easy task. We were expecting a warm welcome by the Nigerian traders, but this was literally overwhelming. The two seminars held in Abuja and Lagos were a great success. The formula that our CEO, Roberto d’Ambrosio, and our chief analyst, Tomasz Wisniewski, set out for this event proved to be particularly welcomed by the local traders and investors.

28 October 2016


Alpari R&A featuring in Nigeria: Forex Masters Trading Seminar

Our CEO Roberto d‘Ambrosio and Chief Analyst Tomasz Wisniewski will participate in a round of meetings and seminars starting on the 29th of October in Abuja. Following the success of the event in Ukraine, our top professionals will participate in events to recreate that electrifying atmosphere that characterized the event in Kiev.