18 May 2018

Apari Reasearch & Analysis in India: Talk to the Expert event in Delhi

Alpari Research & Analysis is not slowing down. May was another month, when one of our experts had a chance to share his knowledge with the fellow traders. This time, we visited India, where Tomasz Wisniewski, our Chief Analyst, had a great pleasure to attend the seminar titled: 'Talk to Experts' organized by the local Alpari office.

04 May 2018

Alpari Research & Analysis in Iran. Roberto d’Ambrosio met with the decision makers and delivered interviews with mainstream media

As part of his visit to Iran, our CEO Roberto d’Ambrosio was invited to attend a series of meetings with the main financial institutions in Iran.
Roberto, among many other meetings, met also with the CEO’s of Teheran Stock Exchange and the Iranian Mercantile Exchange, discussing with them the actual set up of the organizations and their future projects.

30 April 2018

A standing ovation for our CEO in Tehran

As part of Alpari Research & Analysis participation to the FINEX 2018 in Teheran, our CEO Roberto d’Ambrosio was asked to participate in a round table organized by Egthesad Bidar, one of the most prominent brokers in Iran, in which Roberto should have shared the stage with the four top Iranian traders, to discuss about trading strategies, trading platforms and automated trading.

But a surprise was awaiting Roberto upon arrival at the roundtable venue: the organizers proposed to change the format of the event, from a peer discussion to an unscripted Q&A, in which the Iranian traders and attendees would question Roberto on all topics of interest, related to finance, economy, investment, trading.. a challenging situation for anyone.

27 April 2018

Our Chief Analyst in Manila

In the last two weeks of April, Tomasz was in Manila, Philippines and he went there to attend the Traders Fair, where he was one of the speakers. Tomasz chose to talk about the Naked Trading – in other words, price action strategy, where traders forget about the indicators and focus on pure, clean price movements.

15 April 2018

Our Dream Team is back! Roberto and Tomasz holding a two days seminar in Kuala Lumpur

Our seminars are always following the same values of competence, transparency and fairness in delivering the training that traders need to really be successful over time, regardless if it is Roberto or Tomasz delivering the training.
But, when our CEO and our Chief Analyst are together, the level of engagement reaches the highest possible level. The two professionals have the same view on what it takes to be a real trader, a profitable one, even if they have different approaches.

11 April 2018

Our CEO participation to Finance Magnates panel in Shanghai

Our CEO Roberto d'Ambrosio was invited to the Finance Magnates panel held during the Asia Trading Summit in Shanghai on the 23rd of March.
The topic of the panel was "the importance of training for new investors". This a very important topic for a market which is growing fast such as China, attracting all international financial players to offer their services within the Asian giant. The need for training and education is therefore very much felt by the Chinese investors.

07 January 2018

Alpari Research & Analysis in Latin America

Our CEO Roberto d’Ambrosio was invited by Anastasia Fiyalko, the Director of Business development of Alpari for Latin America, to participate in a series of workshop that were held in Chile, Colombia and Mexico.

The events were held in Santiago de Chile on the 30th of November, at the Hotel Ritz-Carlton Santiago, on the 5th of December in Bogota, at the Hotel W and on the 7th of December at the Sheraton Mexico City Maria Isabel Hotel.

15 November 2017

Alpari Research & Analysis in Brazil.. a new, wonderful experience

On October 19, 2017, the Alpari Research & Analysis team organized its first "Trade Negotiate" Workshop in Brazil. The workshop was held in the conference room of the Maksoud Plaza hotel in São Paulo.
In this conference, information on the financial market was presented, analysing the main characteristics of the foreign exchange market, as well as market analysis and types of investments. The main objective of the conference was to provide participants with a more in-depth knowledge of the internal functioning of financial markets, but also practical knowledge that investors can use to manage capital and diversify risk.