About us

About us

Our mission

Alpari Research & Analysis is a company which aims to deliver superior market research, analysis and trading education for free both to Alpari’s clients and the general public.

The rich history and strengths of the Alpari brand, in addition to its and the global presence means Alpari Research & Analysis is able to attract highly qualified analysts and emerging talent to deliver a product characterized by:

  • Professionalism


    Alpari analysts are selected following the highest standards in terms of competence and all analysis and contents are characterized by the absolute absence of conflicts of interest.

  • Independence


    Alpari Research & Analysis carefully safeguards its independence and all its analysts are entitled to the maximum level of freedom and independence in their opinions and analysis.

  • Objectivity


    Alpari Research & Analysis strives to deliver independent, objective and unbiased analysis and information.

  • Quality


    Quality, in terms of originality, relevance and accessibility, is key for all Alpari Research and Analysis activities, content and education.

Alpari Research & Analysis is based in London (UK) and is expanding its presence globally. The company is building an extensive network of representative offices and of professional analysts who will independently analyse the market from different perspectives with a view to delivering comprehensive coverage of economic and market related topics, whilst focusing on local trends and opportunities.

Our vision

The vision of the company is to build a new concept of market approach, aiming to be a point of reference for all traders and one of the most reputable and innovative firms in the field of market analysis, research and education.

Alpari Research & Analysis looks to gain coverage throughout major global and local, specialized and general media to spread original content created by its analysts, both as individuals and as a global team.

The Alpari brand

Alpari Research & Analysis is part of the Alpari group. Founded in 1998, Alpari is today one of the largest brands in the financial markets. The companies of the brand provide trading and investment services to over one million clients from a number of different countries.

  • Alpari International Limited

    Alpari International Limited, operating out of Republic of Mauritius, is licensed by the Financial Services Commission, license number: C113012295 Code FS-4.1, Code SEC-2.1B.

  • Alpari Limited

    Alpari Limited, registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, registration number: 20389 IBC 2012. This company is a member of the Financial Commission.

  • Alpari-Broker LLC

    Alpari-Broker LLC is licensed as a professional market operator in the Russian Federation (#016-12915-100000, #016-12917-010000 and #016-12919-001000, all received 11/02/2010).

  • Alpari Forex LLC

    Alpari Forex LLC, operating out of Moscow, Russian Federation, is licensed by the Bank of Russia, licence number: 045-14003-020000.

  • Alpari Eurasia LLC

    Alpari Eurasia LLC, operating out of Minsk, Republic of Belarus, authorised by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus.